1.  What is the Secure Zone Router Solution? 
 The Secure Zone Router is the networking solution for high-speed connectivity that connects all the Passport and Gilbarco Veeder-Root IP-enabled devices at a site. It enhances the security, standardizes, and simplifies the Gilbarco zone network; and increases support services while lowering total cost of ownership.

The solution comprises the router, an embedded zone routing software application, and managed switch(es). It helps solve current merchant issues & challenges of:

 The proliferation of IP-enabled devices and remote services

 Site visits to make routing changes

 Dial-up remote support

 Increased security and compliance requirements


2.  Why do I need the Secure Zone Router? 

 The Secure Zone Router will replace the current router in the base Passport System Hardware bundle as approved by the brands. The Secure Zone Router is recommended at all sites implementing Forecourt EMV.

Why? Integrating additional IP-enabled devices, particularly at the forecourt, introduces support and compliance complexity, potentially exceeds capability of current equipment, limits simultaneous use of all services, and requires standardization to best support our customers. 


3.  When is the Secure Zone Router Required? 
The Secure Zone Router is required at all sites for these configurations:

 Both Insite360 Encore and Forecourt EMV is present

 Passport Version 12.0 (future release)


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